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THREAT.. AS Hon Emmanuel Olanrewaju Adewumi (Ogefon ) uncle, Mr Waheed Oyeleke reported attack on him in Ilorin, Kwara State

It was reported that Mr. Waheed Oyeleke was in Ilorin for a private business meeting while some disgruntled elements laid siege on him on his way from the meeting demanding for information on Hon Emmanuel Olanrewaju Adewumi (Ogefon) whereabout Mr. Waheed Oyeleke was left with a serious threat to his life and that of family members the hoodlums said and I quote ‘if you fail to disclose to us Ogefon’s actual whereabouts and how to get to him you and your family will be dealt with’. It took Mr. Waheed Oyeleke a second thought while he swiftly told them that Ogefon is in Abuja after about 30mins of heated arguments and threats.

Mr. Waheed Oyeleke described the hoodlums as members of the APC ruling party of the NURTW and they boasted that nothing will stop them from doing the needful to Ogefon has the instructions given to them. They also told him that he should tell Ogefon that he can not dodge forever, because they will surely get hold of him anywhere and anyhow.

Mr. Waheed Oyeleke said just last month 13th of July Ogefon loss 1 of his strongest political loyalist who was amongst those that were beaten black and blue and injured with machetes, Charms, and dangerous weapons, etc on 10th August 2018 in his Political Office situated in Ibadan Oyo State Capital.


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