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Husband and wife identified to be Kingsley Onyebuchi Chukwu & Ijeoma Beatrice Chukwu were lucky enough to escape death from gunmen attacking them on their way on two different occasions. The first gunmen attacking them on the Benin-Lagos express road on their going to Lagos and suddenly two men came from a corner on the main road at about 10am with their guns and started shooting at their vehicle according to them, ‘it was a miracle that they managed to escape from the scene without been harmed. They immediately reported the incident to the police area command there in Benin state.

The second attacked to them happened on the 22nd December on a Sunday, he said speaking to Tribunepoints weekly correspondence that just after they left their home town in Anambra and set out to Lagos, at them about to enter Delta state, in between Anambra and Delta state, two armed men with bike crossed them and wanted to shoot at them but for the help of motorist behind them, they escaped the deadly attack by the said armed men.

Speaking to Kingsley Onyebuchi Chukwu on the two different attack incident to him and his wife, that what could be the reason behind the sudden attacks to him and wife on two occasions. He spoke to our correspondence that, about two weeks back, his father-in-law (father to his wife) who was a Reverend and Priest in their church was attacked and assassinated by some gunmen hired assassins, and by virtue of the love and closeness he had for his father-in-law and based on what the father-in-law had told him on the plans of some persons in the church ganging against him to remove him, he insisted that the father in-law’s death must be investigated to Reveal the people behind his death. He said further that, some days before he was assassinated, the father-in-law called him and told him about his promotion and also about some group of persons in their church who are talking against him and seriously ganging up to remove him completely out of the way so that he would not be promoted for the reason they claimed he ((Rev. Theophilus) came in no time and began to receive promotion and accolades all the time. Eventually the whole ganging up led to his assassination and death on the 13th of November 2018.

He(Kingsley) however told Tribunepoints weekly correspondence that the basis of his attack could be traced back to the reason that he insisted that the cause of assassination of his father-in-law (Rev. Theophilus) must be investigated before he will be buried which the church had already planned to bury him before their proposed and fixed dated programme for 22nd November 2018. He added that, his father-in-law was buried on the 14th of November 2018 and on the 22nd of November after their programme was held which was to be the day his father-in-law was to be ordained and promoted to a Bishop in the church, he (Kingsley) and wife were attacked for the second time which they managed to escape.


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