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HEALTH TIPS: Some Fact You Should Know About Drinking Malt and Milk


Dr. Olufunmilayo, a Nigerian doctor decided to break the myth concerning the practice among Nigerians taking a Malt and Milk drink in the hopes that it will help replenish their blood levels.

You need to read to know the fact?

Doctor Olufunmilayo quoted in this #twitter handle saying:

“This is not a blood tonic In case this is not clear enough: THIS IS NOT A BLOOD TONIC. It is a myth and a lie. There’s no truth to it. AT ALL.”

He gave further explanation

“Okay let’s analyse this a bit further. Let’s look at the content list for Peak Milk and Maltina. I just took a picture of Peak Milk tin in my kitchen and downloaded an internet page on the contents of Maltina- let’s look at what they contain. Look at the following images.


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