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This sad report get to us on Saturday 13th of January, 2018 that the body of Bukola Esther Ogunsinasi was found dead by the road side at Imota Ikorodu road, Lagos, after she was initially declared kidnapped some weeks ago. Her corps was identified by some neighbourhood security around 5:25am and they notified the closest police station.

SamsKoncept speaking with Mr. Rasaq, the head of the security group said that,

“While we were on our way home from the night watch, I and my colleagues saw the lady laying lifeless by the roadside, we move close to the body and try to confirm if she was still alive but to our stock, it was discover that she was dead, with bruises and a lot of blood stain and we also discovered that it was the lady that was reported kidnapped on the newspaper last week, so we notified the landlords in the environment and they call the attention of the police to the incidence. Her body must have been drop here by some people over the night he added, it was really an eye-saw as she was seriously wounded, she most had bleed to death as a result of the wounds on her body”.

“such a thing has never happened in that environment before but this as now inform us to pay more attention to the security activities around this environment and we also hope the police can come up with something that will expose those that perpetrate the evil,” he added.

At the arrival of the police men, her body was confirmed. One of the policemen, Corporal Stephen Akpam, affirms that she was kidnapped as reported by her families from her home and it was stated that on the day of her kidnap, two men came to her house and they took her with themselves after some questioning and demands. But one Miss Olaide Balogun who was understood to be her friend was somewhere in the apartment why they kidnapped her. According to the statement written by Olaide she stated that they were in the house on Friday 5th of the January, after they got back from their work, they heard someone knocking, so Bukola went to get the door and see who was at the door, not long Olaide started hearing her (Bukola) shouting and also hearing the voice of two other men asking where is your brother Sunday?, we heard he is back from Spain, he can’t hide from us forever but Bukola kept shouting I DON’T KNOW!!, she (Olaide) could not go out to the sitting room because she was so afraid by the way Bukola was shouting and in a short while, she was not hearing her shouting anymore, she came out and saw the whole sitting room chattered and the door was left opened, than she quickly called Bukola’s uncle and inform him about what has just happened. They both came to the station and report the case. We have been on the investigation of the incidence ever since until we got a call this morning from the Community Development Association (CDA) Chairman that the body of a lady was found in their community. We got here and discovered it was the body of the lady (Bukola Esther Ogunsinasi) that was reported kidnapped a week ago.

Corp. Stephen also added, that her body will be moved to the mortuary, while they continue their investigation of the case. He said further, “they will do everything possible and make sure no stone is left unturned in ensuring they get to the root of the matter and bring all involved in this murder of Buloka to judgement”.

More so, he reassures Nigerians that the police are doing everything they are capable of and in collaboration with the neighbourhood security to protect life’s and properties of the citizens.

Reported by: Adeyemi Oluyemi I.


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