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Man identified as Mr. Akeem Adenle Popoola, was attacked in his resident at 12, Emokaro street, Ajewole Crescent Ikorodu Lagos at exactly 9.30pm. He said when speaking to Tribunepoints weekly correspondence that at the evening of the incident, he was in his apartment after his evening prayers some men banged into his home dressed in Islamic attire and questioning him about his brother whom had an issue with the Islamic organization many years back of which they had been on the lookout for him since then. Him in his words said “I thought the issue would have been forgotten and died down all the years”. He made know also to our correspondence that, he himself had been away from the country for some time and based in Bengazzi, Libya but just of recent came back home to the country to do somethings before going back to his base(Bengazzi, Libya). He furthermore buttressed that he never knew the case would pop up again that his brother got converted from Islam to Christianity which got the Islamic organizations in the community angry and seeing my brother’s act as a taboo and betrayer to them, they wanted to make sure he pay dearly for his act.

According to Mr. Akeem Adenle Popoola said, as at that time the issue happened, his brother was been threatened to return back to Islam or else he would suffer for it which his brother refused and they(Islamic organization) inturn revoted against him and began to do all means possible to deal with him at that time which he managed to escaped from their attacks. He added that, shocking to him on the 17th of December 2019 that these men bursted into his home and demanding for the whereabouts of his brother which he told them he had not seen for a very long time which they refused to listen to him and claim the brother was seen at his residents some days before. He was dealt with ruthlessly and injured badly untill he was rescued by vigilante in his community who came and Chase the hoodlums away. He was immediately rushed to hospital for treatments.

Gather from sources in the area spoke to Tribunepoints correspondence that they overheard noise coming from his apartment that night that got all of them alerted and they got the awareness of vigilante groups around that came to the scene and rescued him from the hoodlums. The case was later reported to Ajewole Police Division B headquarters for further investigations.


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